Passport Hacking

By Khanimambo Ngobeni

A passport is an official document that the government issues, certifying an individual’s identity (holder) and citizenship. The document entitles the individual to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.

When people make passports, their objectives are either to travel and explore or to legally go to other countries to do business. Not every person is aware of the level if passport hacking all around the world, since it is not everyone’s passport that can ‘ve hacked.
Hackers have their target, they usually target successful business people and well known individuals. They do not just hack into everyone’s passport because they know and understand that it is not everyone’s passport that is of the same value as what they are looking for.

Sometimes we think that there us just nothing to put personal passports to make hackers hack passports, think again, there are seemingly some harmless information about the countries that one has been to, the duration, individual’s identity number (which can be used for so many illegal uses),criminal offences which can be had to make claims against the person as well as other important details such as names and signature ,by making use of these hackers can even go to an extent of opening accounts in the individuals name making use of a fake identity book and the signature that be copied illegally.

Hacker’s, also known as cyber crooks are more and more interested in increasingly getting hold of other people’s information on purpose. People always believe that hackers are not able to hack since they are in the government’s computerized system which is said to be safe, but it is to some degree not true, some people’s lives are about hacking into other people’s personal systems and that’s what they do for a living.

The thought of knowing other people’s personal information may run through everyone’s mind but not everyone is able to do just as the thought says hence some hackers are paid to hack into other people’s passports for various reasons.