Hacking of Social Networks

By Wandile Sithole

The social networking website LinkedIn was hacked on 5 June 2012, and passwords for nearly 6.5 million user accounts were stolen by Russian cybercriminals. Owners of the hacked accounts were no longer able to access their accounts, and the website repeatedly encouraged its users to change their passwords after the incident. Vicente Silveira, the director of LinkedIn, confirmed, on behalf of the company, that the website was hacked in its official blog.

He also said that the holders of the compromised accounts would find their passwords were no longer valid on the website

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LinkedIn responded apologizing immediately after the data breach, and asked its users to immediately change their passwords. The Federal Bureau of Investigation assisted the LinkedIn Corporation in investigating the theft. As of 8 June 2012, the investigation was still in its early stages, and the company said it was unable to determine whether the hackers were also able to steal the email addresses associated with the compromised user accounts as well. LinkedIn said that the users whose passwords are compromised would be unable to access to their LinkedIn accounts using their old passwords.

Another recently popular social network that is likely to be hacked is Facebook. A student studying here at Wits says ‘’her Facebook account was hacked’’. She logged in on her account and noticed that the was a message but she didn’t know it was a virus, she then tried to open it but it didn’t open instead her laptop was hacked and it just frizzed. Her friends on Facebook were receiving inappropriate videos as messages from her of which she didn’t send.

She then updated her status apologizing to whoever who got the video as a message from her. About her laptop she decided to change her window to windows 10 because it updates and protect the laptop automatically.

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