Corporate Hacking By a Country

By Masana Baloyi

The cyber attack on Sony Pictures warns society to be aware against,monitor and respond to cyber incidents, this is something that is being treated as a serious national security issue.

A hacker group leaked a release of confidential data from the film studio Sony Pictures Entertainment.The data included personal informaton about Sony’s employees and their families and the copies of the unreleased films, and other information. The attack was conducted using malware (program designed to erase data). Before the incident Sony’s security measures were said to be “simply not good enough” Sony should have seen it coming, Yet Sony Pictures executives were caught off guard by the growing storm over their film, But Lynton says he did warn the Sony CEO that cyberattack was a “a possibility”.This attack has left the Sony network crippled for days.

While politically motivated attacks and thefts of intellectual property is nothing new, this incident certainely stands out for certain reasons. When analyzing high-profile breaches, it is common for the media and security companes to make mistakes. This often occurs due to conflicting or unclear information that seems valid on the surface, but falls apart under heavy scrutiny.All analysis and data suggests the malware was nt unique to Sony, and may have been used several times before. This however warns all companies to always settle disagreements with other companies or organisations to avoid hacking, always keep it their systems safe and take the important security measurement always.


This hacking incident appears to be one of hacking incidents thats stands out. Not because it is the first time it happens but because a bigger organisation(North Korea) to a smaller company. This has not only affected the Sony company but also the society so its also warns members of the society to keep their personal systems safe and not sign it off without insuring that it is kept private.

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