Hacking of Baby Monitors

By Neelam Bacus

In a world with constantly evolving technology, hacking is becoming common and easier to accomplish. Hackers are finding new ways of gaining access to personal banking details, social media accounts, online gaming accounts, computer files and documents, security cameras, webcams and much more that we are not aware of.

A bizarre, but not impossible, hacking incident is one in which a couples baby monitor was invaded.

Parents of a young daughter heard a man’s voice talking to their child in the middle of the night. The man was allegedly saying disturbing things to the child and even calling her by her name. Completely alarmed, the parents immediately disconnected the monitor system.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt and no serious threats were made to the family but the disturbing incident had clearly left them shaken.

While this hacking situation may not be dangerous in the way you know it (like the hacking of highly personal and important accounts), it certainly is creepy and definitely not an experience you would want your children to have. Sadly, there are individuals who want to control the lives of other people and invade their privacy; therefore families need to put security measures in place for protection.

As with any other device that is connected to the internet, baby monitors are easy to hack into if it is not secured. A good option would be to buy a digital monitor. This requires a password, unlike an analogue monitor which operates on a radio frequency whereby hackers can intercept the radio signal. Common safety methods would be to lock down your Wi-Fi, put up firewalls and change default passwords.

Hacking can occur anywhere and it is important to secure devices to protect your personal information, privacy and in this case, your little loved ones.


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